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Reaching the maximum degrees of construction and mastery in Libya​

Dar Al Arab is a Libyan company specialized in the field of contracting and construction, working to turn ideas into reality, and provides integrated solutions for engineering and urban projects. The company was established in 2005 with a clear vision and a noble goal, which is to contribute to the development of infrastructure and housing in Libya, and to meet the needs of the market by providing high quality services and great efficiency. To achieve this goal, the company relies on itself in the production of raw materials used in its business, and also invests in the purchase of modern mechanisms and equipment, the recruitment of qualified and trained human cadres, the application of the highest standards and specifications in the implementation of projects. The company also seeks to expand the scope of its business and services, and continuously strengthens its capital. Dar Al Arab is proud to have a rich portfolio of important projects across Libya, including hotels, investment buildings, markets and sports cities. It is also proud that it has foreign partners from Italy in the fields of Design, Supervision and production, which gives its business a modern and attractive character. Dar Al Arab is a company that seeks to continuously develop and reach the maximum degrees of construction and mastery in Libya, and adheres to professional ethics and the values of transparency and trust. 

Dar Al Arab is a company that dreams of a better tomorrow for Libya, and is working hard to achieve this dream. Dar Al Arab is a company worthy of your choice.

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Dar Al Arab

Customer Satatisfaction

We value your feedback and strive to exceed your expectations in every project. We listen to your needs and preferences and tailor our services accordingly.

Clean Design

We believe that clean design is the key to creating beautiful and functional spaces. Clean design means using simple and elegant elements that enhance the aesthetics and usability of the space

On Time

we offer fast construction services that don’t compromise on quality or safety. We use the latest technology and methods to speed up the construction process and reduce delays and errors.

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